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We are an Australian family owned online toy shop specialising in affordable, traditional, educational wooden toys for children.
Established in 2006, we have delivered toys to thousands of boys and girls all over Australia and we look forward to sending many many more.

Educational toys for little kids with big imaginations.

At My Wooden Toys, we have carefully chosen toys to encourage kids to explore, experiment, use their imagination, to learn and most importantly play.
Enjoy your visit to My Wooden Toys. We are sure you will find what you are looking for.
You can buy online. Ring Western Australia 08-6500-7501 or contact us via email. Have fun...

Postage is $9.95 AUD per order Australia wide.

At My Wooden Toys we stock creative and diverse wooden toys to cater to children of different genders and age groups. So if you’re looking for traditional toys, or something more unusual like our ball blower wooden train, you’ll find exactly what you need.
"Thank-you to the trees" - Timothy
Want to play grocery store or shops? Or perhaps your play room is lacking in just a few extra props? Whatever the case, our selection is the perfect choice for children that want to bring these essential toys into their play and spark the realms of their imagination.
"Looks great but tastes yucky" - Hannah
Whether you want your child to learn to speak, read or count there’s no better way to achieve that than through play. With our beautiful selection of wooden educational toys, you can make sure they’ll get there in no time, having fun along the way.
"That tricky counting stuff" - Megan
A favourite of many children around the world, wooden dolls are the perfect choice for kids of any age or gender. As they’re made of wood, they’re an eco-friendly toy that will let your child act role-play and act out their fantasies in a safe, fun way
"Like people but smaller" - Henry
Many people are unaware of just how important music is to a child’s development. By teaching them rhythm and melodies through musical toys you can greatly increase their mental capacity, with future musical skills really being just an added bonus.
"For other peoples children" - An Auntie
Older kids will definitely enjoy the fun that comes from playing a game with friends. Our wooden games are an incredibly eco-friendly solution that will keep your kids involved in the game for may hours. It’s fun for the whole family - just take a look at our selection!
"But I was supposed to win" - Isaac
My Wooden Toys McGosh

Eco-friendly wooden toys

We offer some of the most carefully crafted children’s wooden toys in Australia. We firmly believe in a sustainable, eco-friendly,

and most of all a child-friendly approach in all of our toy designs. No matter what your child’s age, in our wooden toy shop you’ll find exactly what your child needs - and they’re going to love it.

Quality wooden toys for kids

Whether you have a baby that’s just beginning to crawl, a toddler or a bigger kid with boundless energy for creative things, you want what’s best for them at all times. After all, nothing makes a parent happier than a child growing up healthy. Though physical development is important, there are many more aspects to a child’s growth that have to be taken care of. You need to help them develop their creativity and mental capacity by tapping into their incredible drive for learning all about life. Give your kids the best childhood they can get with quality wooden toys from My Wooden Toys.

"Because kids are expensive" - A Mum
"More artwork on the fridge" - A Dad
"Heaps of new stuff".
"Can you force it to fit" - Lilly
"Beep beep beep, reversing" - Doug
"Awesome for tiny fingers" - A Parent
"I really need these" - Jeremy

My Wooden Toys McGoshPostage is $9.95 AUD per order Australia wide.

Send a Present! We can deliver to the address of your choice anywhere in Australia.
Outside Australia? Send to relatives living in Australia and save on postage! My Wooden Toys is a great, easy, affordable way to send beautiful presents today.

Excellent wooden educational toys in Australia

Toys are much more than a source of fun. Using the appropriate types of toys, will help your child grow and thrive in many respects. Wooden educational toys can be used to help them develop their motor skills as well as their manual skills, cleverly and creatively designed toys will engage them physically in new, unique ways that will make them acutely aware of their bodies, limitations and strengths. Wooden toys can also positively influence a child's mental capacity, letting them learn all about the world, making them smarter and more creative

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Standard Postage is only $9.95 AUD per order Australia wide.

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