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Australian family owned online toy shop specialising in affordable, traditional, educational wooden toys for children. Established in 2006

A World of Imaginative Play

My Wooden Toys McGosh We carefully select our toys with the aim of inspiring children to explore, experiment, and unleash their imagination while learning through play. We invite you to enjoy your visit to My Wooden Toys, where we are confident you'll discover just what you're seeking. You can make your purchases conveniently online. For any inquiries, feel free to call us at 08-6500-7501 in Western Australia or reach out via email.
"Timeless Toys"
"Learn Through Play"
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Your Online Toy Shop

My Wooden Toys McGoshMy Wooden Toys offers a diverse selection of creative wooden toys designed to cater to children of various genders and age groups. Our range includes a wide selection of both traditional and modern wooden toys, some with unique and quirky twists. Playtime activities like cooking and shopping are immensely popular, and our selection of wooden stoves, vegetables, and tea sets is sure to delight.

Learning Through Play

Kickstarting play-based learning is made easy with our educational wooden toys, ensuring your kids have a lot of fun while they count, read, and explore the world around them. There is no better way to foster your children's love for music than with a wooden musical toy, and our delightful range will have them clapping, dancing, and singing along. Games serve as an excellent means to unite the family, and our collection of wooden games is both challenging and enjoyable. Opting for wooden toys for your children is a splendid choice that will endure for generations.
"Time to Play".
"Nurture & Play"
"Fun Challenge"
"Planes & Trains"
"Learn & Grow"
"Quirky Toys

Send Presents Australia Wide.

My Wooden Toys McGoshWe can deliver to the address of your choice anywhere in Australia. Outside Australia? Send to relatives living in Australia and save on postage! My Wooden Toys is a great, easy, affordable way to send beautiful presents today.

Wooden Educational Toys

Toys are a source of fun but they are also much more. Play will help your child grow and thrive. Wooden educational toys that are cleverly and creatively designed will engage your child physically in new, unique ways that will make them aware of their bodies limitations and strengths. Wooden toys can positively influence a child's mental and creative capacity, helping them learn about themselves and the amazing world around them.
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Blue Danube Music Box
Big Wood Spinning Top
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