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Welcome to our online toy store run by husband and wife Margriet and Douglas Walker from their home in Denmark WA, "assisted" with great enthusiasm by their 5 year old daughter Hannah (Now 18 and studying Neuroscience and Psychology.. I think proof that being surrounded by wooden toys is good for your brain.). Douglas and Margriet have both worked extensively with young people over the past 20 years, as community artists, providing drama and arts workshops for young people, and as tutors and teachers within the formal education system. For the last 12 years Douglas has worked entirely on My Wooden Toys from our home in Denmark WA.

From The Head Elf

As parents and children navigate our increasingly complex digital world, more and more screen time and endless scrolling down is leading to a disconnect with our physical world. Ask any teacher (my wife for example).
"Many children entering school can tap away at screens but can't stack, build or concentrate. Scissors? No idea how to use them and they won't persevere to work out how".
Toys are a tactile necessity that connect a child to their physical world and play teaches them to persevere. Learning to spin a wooden top and to try and try again until you can do it is a wonderful antidote to our tapping and scrolling obsession.
That is why we have spent the last 12 years sourcing and providing Wooden Toys to families all over Australia. They are time tested and now more than ever vitally important to the development and well being of our children.

Why a Toy Shop?

My Wooden Toys came about as we tried to find good quality toys for our daugter that would really invite play as well as have some educational value; academic, creative, imaginative or otherwise. We were quite disspointed with what was available to us. We lived in Holland and the UK for a couple of years and toys that are so readily accessible in Europe, were unavailable or unaffordable here.
Affordable toyshops, in our experience, stock mostly low-quality plastic toys that look really attractive to small children, but that they will only play with once or twice. We spend a lot of time online, finding toys that would attract our daughter, as well as stimulate her mind, imagination and creativity. We found shopping online a much easier experience and avoided the grab and run senario which we experienced in many toyshops. (What on earth did we buy this for?)

Wooden Toys are Affordable!

Converting these efforts into the online shop My Wooden Toys was a natural progression. We discovered that quality wooden toys did not have to be more expensive than the alternative and that, in fact, we could easily compete with big chainstores, in price. We may not always buy for the same low rates as big chain stores, but we get close: we do not use agents, but buy directly from importers, in bulk, and, more importantly, we have much lower running costs. We do not have to pay staff and shareholders, rent for shopspace and so on; and can afford to work on much lower profit margins, therefore competing and often beating the prices of these stores.

What to Stock?

When we choose toys we think about our daughter and all the children we have worked with in a professional setting, with main considerations attraction, quality, material (wood, natural) and educational value. We try to stock toys in all price ranges but always of high quality. If we don't like the quality of a toy when it arrives we will not put it in the shop. We keep a display model of most toys and Hannah tests these extensively, putting them through their paces as only a 5 year old can. (Hannah is now 16 and still testing and advising.)

A User Friendly Website

In designing My Wooden Toys we have tried to make the shopping and checkout experience as quick and easy as possible. You do not need a membership to shop here. You don't at physical shops, so why should you online? Payment is very simple, just follow the checkout steps. The idea of online shopping is to save you time, so you will not be asked to complete ridiculously long forms.
All is done on a secure server so it is virtually impossible for your details to be taken by a third party. Remember, if you get stuck email us and we will be only to happy to help.

Enjoy your time at My Wooden Toys We are sure you will find what you are looking for.

All the best Douglas, Margriet and Hannah.

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