Activity Cube Five In One

is five classic toys in one beautiful cube. Every age group has its’ own way of performing brain exercises. Adults solve crosswords or Sudoku puzzles, play chess or read books. However, these activities require a multitude of skills including dexterity to write down the words or numbers and strong analytical thinking strategies to decide if it is better to capture a rook or a bishop. To develop skill in these fields some basic practice is needed. This wooden toy has a
  • bead maze
  • matching spinning shapes
  • shape sorter with blocks
  • zig-zag
  • turning gears
The bead maze allows children to practice precise single-finger operations and comes in handy for practicing the eye-hand coordination. Multi-modal play engages many learning processes at once, allowing for a seamless transition between them.

5 multi-modal activities packed into one sturdy wooden activity cube save space because it’s a 5-in one solution. The bead maze top of the cube can be taken off. When it comes time to pack up the maze turns upside down and fits into the cube its base becoming a lid.

It is very well thought out that this toy brings together 5 educational toys for hours of fun. The wooden activity cube not only offers endless ways for learning shapes and colours but also develops fine motor skills, logic and creativity.

Size: 16cm cube

Material: Wood with child-safe paint. Strong plastic beads and plastic reinforced corners..

Age: 1+ upwards

We like this because: "Great to get five classic toys in one."

Weight: 1.30kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TL088

Barcode: 6970090041938
Activity Cube Five in One
Activity Cube Five in One Detail
Activity Cube Five in One Detail-Two
Activity Cube Five in One Detail-Three

Average user rating 4/5
based on 13 ratings.

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Activity Cube Five in One

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