Wooden Activity Lock Box

are 6 boxes which are purchased separately. They have different coloured doors each with a different closing mechanism. These boxes have a shape cut into the top and a coloured block matching the door which can be fitted through the hole and dropped into the box. You then have to master the door latch to open the door and get the block out.

These boxes are fantastic for honing fine motor skills and can be filled with all sorts of treasures.

Price above is for one box.

Size: 10.2cm cube

Material: Wood child safe paint, Metal latches

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "Amazing toy and great learning tool"

Weight: 0.30kg

Brand: MyWoodenToys

Model: 00343012400047

Barcode: 20034301240004

Special Order: Please allow delivery time of 10-15 Days.

Choose Door Colour:

Activity Lock Box
Activity Lock Box Detail
Activity Lock Box Detail-Two
Activity Lock Box Detail-Three
Activity Lock Box Detail-Four
Activity Lock Box Detail-Five
Activity Lock Box Detail-Six
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Activity Lock Box

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