Four-Sided Wooden Activity Rocket

Embark on an interstellar adventure of learning and play with our Four-Sided Wooden Activity Rocket! Crafted from premium, eco-friendly wood, this captivating educational toy is designed to stimulate young minds.
  • Bead Maze Galaxy: Watch in awe as your little one navigates colourful beads through a cosmic maze, honing fine motor skills and spatial awareness along the way.
  • Abacus Constellations: Counting has never been this much fun! The rocket's abacus side invites children to explore the fascinating world of numbers and arithmetic, all while developing their mathematical proficiency.
  • Cogs and Gears Command Center: Engage young engineers with this side featuring turning cogs and gears. As they manipulate the mechanics, children will learn about cause and effect, problem-solving, and develop a sense of dexterity.
  • Wooden Maze Expedition: Chart a course through a labyrinth of twists and turns, encouraging strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination, and spatial reasoning. This side of the rocket is a thrilling voyage for curious minds.
Blast Off on a voyage of learning and play with the Four-Sided Wooden Activity Rocket. With its combination of engaging activities and durable craftsmanship, this educational toy will become a cherished companion in your child's journey of discovery.

Size: 31.5cm tall x 18cm wide

Material: Wood with Child Safe Paint

Age: 2 +

We like this because: "Playtime and intergalactic exploration... perfect"

Weight: 1.00kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TK333

Barcode: 6972633374466
Activity Rocket
Activity Rocket Detail
Activity Rocket Detail-Two
Activity Rocket Detail-Three
Activity Rocket Detail-Four
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