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Ball Blower Wooden Train

This works well. We lost the ball but works with any ping pong ball. Great stocking filler!

Rated by sarah walker

This toy is great entertainment for adults and children alike, as it can be lots of fun trying to keep the ball balanced above the chimney. As a Learning Support Teacher, it has also been a great therapeutic resource to use in working with children with speech language difficulties, to assist them to develop greater breathe control, while having lots of fun.

Rated by Lynda NICOL

This is very fun! We love the 'floating ball' at the science museum so this was great little re-creation. Parents could do for littlies but has polystyrene ball so better for older kids. Would be a fun party game or favour.

Rated by claire canham

This simple well designed toy has brought first a look of delight at the magical ball rising and falling into place to now the challenge of learning the trick. Great for coordination and timing for our bright 2 1/2 year old granddaughter.

Rated by Jacky Mebalds

This toy is perfect for a toddler and is brightly coloured and easy to take places

Rated by Wendy Flavien

Takes me back to my childhood with my brother, blowing so hard and consentrating that we'd run into each other. So much fun. To see grandchildren play with them and giggle giggle. Can't bet that

Rated by Marie Beutel

Inexpensive and fun Thank you

Rated by Paula Austin

Simple & fun. Well made. A great “small” gift.

Rated by Madeleine England

Much smaller than I anticipated, this little toy amuses my 1 year old Grandson. He is too young to make it work but imitates my blowing action. Very cute.

Rated by Pat Penny

Amazing toy I got this for my son who has autism and it has helped him twice now when he was having a melt down using this to breath through it while also distracting him with the little ball blowing up in the air

Rated by Corina Clewley
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