Balloon Powered Wooden Putt Putt Boat
Balloon Powered Wooden Boat is a fun educational toy that is great at bath time or in the pool.

This little boat works by placing a balloon over the funnel and then blowing it up via the tailpipe at the back.

With your finger over the tailpipe you place the boat in the water and let go.

As the balloon deflates the boat putt putts around the bath leaving a trail of bubbles... Fantastic !!

This is one of our personal favorites and is a huge amount of fun and teaches one of the basics of Physics whilst your in the bath.

This little boat comes with 3 balloons and will be a firm favorite come bath time.

Size: 15cm x 8cm

Material: Wood with Child Safe Varnish. 4 Rubber balloon. felt flag.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "like all great toys it is incredibly simple and is great to play with again and again."

Weight: 0.22kg

Brand: Knox and Floyd

Model: TS-6454

Barcode: 85761064546

Having lots of fun in the bath with this classic toy - a great gift idea! ...

Rated by Ashleigh Craig

This toy is very handy in the classroom as a simplistic & fun way to show cause & effect. Both ...

Rated by Lynda NICOL

Average user rating 5/5
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