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Big Wooden Wiggly Worm
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LOVE our little worm! So pleasingly round and wiggly, bright colours and such a happy little face.

Rated by Lucienne Steel

Such a bright and innovative wooden toy. My daughter loves it!

Rated by Lauren Wood

Cute, creative and colourful. Everything you want in an infants toy.

Rated by Bridie Harris

Beautiful gift for a baby!

Rated by Kerry Nutt

Cute worm with bright colours that the kids love!

Rated by Kate Falk

Fun toy, great for infants to hold and twist

Rated by Renee Mill

All items purchased are excellent. The products also arrived quickly. I am a happy customer

Rated by KHB Jacinta Perera

great colorful little worm. I play with my grandson and we move the worm into lots of different shapes. Its great to be able to incorporate the worm into some of his books.The worm looks really good just sitting on the shelf waiting for our next game..

Rated by Lynne frost

The Big Wiggly Worm is so cute! It is bright and just the right size for little hands! I love it and look forward to giving it to our great nephew!

Rated by Anne Morton

Just love this, and so does my grandson.

Rated by Shirley Goodwin

Nice and bright colours our grandson will love this.

Rated by Kerry Simpson

The Big Wooden Wiggly Worm is the perfect fit for little hands and is very chewable for a teething 8 month old. He loves the eyes and manipulation is easy.

Rated by Marnee Wills

Thankyou. I have just had a Grandson and the wiggly worm is going to be the start of a collection of wooden toys for him. All the other wooden toys I bought are for my little 5 year old who just loves playing shops.I am so impressed by the quality of the toys that I ordered. Kind regards, Cherise Rosewarne

Rated by Cherise Rosewarne

This is so cute and colourful with it’s twisty motions the little one loves it

Rated by Cheryl Whatman
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