12 Block Wooden Shape Sorter Box

is a timeless and educational toy designed to captivate young minds. Crafted from premium, eco-friendly wood, this set combines classic charm with modern functionality.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand hours of play, each block and the box itself is meticulously crafted from high-quality wood, ensuring longevity and safety.
  • Vibrant Shapes: Twelve distinct shapes in an array of bright, engaging colors stimulate visual perception and encourage cognitive development.
  • Multi-Sensory Learning: Encourages tactile exploration as little hands grasp, touch, and manipulate each block, enhancing fine motor skills and coordination.
  • Shape Recognition: Promotes early shape recognition and spatial awareness as children learn to match blocks with corresponding cutouts in the box.
  • Problem Solving: Fosters critical thinking as kids figure out which shape belongs where, boosting cognitive skills and logical reasoning.
The box serves as both a play surface and a convenient storage solution, minimizing clutter and making cleanup a breeze. This lovely toy also has a rope handle so it can be carried around from place to place.

Size: 12 wooden block shapes. Light green block size 4cm x 3cm x 4cm deep

Material: Wood ChildSafe paint, rope handle.

Age: 12 months +

We like this because: "A classic educational toy in very attractive colours"

Weight: 0.82kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TK494

Barcode: 6972633374589
Block Shape Sorter
Block Shape Sorter Detail
Block Shape Sorter Detail-Two
Block Shape Sorter Detail-Three
Block Shape Sorter Detail-Four
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Block Shape Sorter

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