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Block Wagon Walker Infant Trolley
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We LOVE the block wagon walker trolley. My kid had one when they were little and it was loved for years before being handed on to be loved anew...I am sure the same will happen with this one, which is my granddaughter's 1st birthday present. Just in time for her starting to walk. Many happy hours to come. Easy to assemble, great colours and materials, and timely delivery.

Rated by Cedar Whelan

I bought this toy for my little granddaughter who is turning 1 next week. I can't wait to give it to her! Her Mum had one when she was a little girl and loved it. She and her sister had many years of fun building with the blocks and also putting lots of other toys in the trolley to wheel around. I am very happy with the quality of the toy. The delivery was prompt and I was kept well informed of its arrival time.

Rated by Sallyanne Northcott

Hi, I am from Ireland and visited my daughter during the summer in Australia, as I have become a Granny recently . When I returned to Ireland I spent a lot of time researching toy suppliers online to buy a Block Wagon walker for my Grandchild as a Christmas present. This site looked wonderful online. It has not disappointed in real terms, as the excitement when the toy arrived was to much for the parents and they have assembled the wagon and are delighted with it. They are now trying to keep it hidden for a Christmas surprise!!... Thank you very much . I hope to use My wooden toys for plenty more presents in future years.

Rated by Caroline Keegan

Love the site, toys, service and best of all the grandchildren love the toys I have bought. The trolley was a big hit for our 1yr old grandson. Thanks

Rated by Linda Haw

Beautiful walker infant trolley AAA+++

Rated by Julie Brown

We have (and I imagine will have even more) years of use. Trolley was great fun to push around once our children started walking. And it is still used for wheeling about toys, and the blocks used for building all sorts of things!

Rated by Kerryn Rudder

My little boy absolutely loves the walker (and so does my 5 year old). They both love building with the blocks and my 5 year old loves pushing her brother around in it!

Rated by Claire Sleeman

I have given this trolley to three of my grandchildren for their first birthday and they all love it .I looked for one at numerous toy stores and none were as good as yours.

Rated by Roslyn Seberry

I brought this block wagon for my sons first birthday. Such good quality blocks and well made wagon. Great price too!

Rated by Natalie Azzopardi

I was so happy to find the Block Wagon Walker Infant Trolley, have looked everywhere and thought they might be extinct, but of course not, My Wooden Toys had it and my 1 year old grandson loves it, Thank You

Rated by Michelle Banks
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