Wooden Car Transporter

with removable cars will appeal to the little truck and car enthusiast.

Elevate playtime to new heights with our Wooden Toy Car Carrier, designed to inspire creativity and adventure in young minds. Crafted with care and precision, this delightful toy is a testament to quality and ingenuity.
  • Natural Play: Crafted from high-quality, sustainable wood, our Toy Car Carrier is a celebration of eco-conscious play. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to ensure hours of enriching, imaginative fun.
  • Four Playful Companions: This transporter comes complete with four adorable, removable wooden cars.
  • Effortless Unloading: The carrier's top ingeniously folds down, transforming into a convenient ramp. This feature ensures a seamless exit for the cars, adding an interactive element to play. Watch as your child refines their fine motor skills while enjoying the satisfaction of independent play.
  • Vivid, Child-Safe Colors: Our Wooden Toy Car Carrier has lively, child-friendly colours. The non-toxic, water-based paint finish ensures a safe and visually stimulating play environment, providing peace of mind for parents.
  • Built to Last: Safety is paramount. The carrier and cars are designed with rounded edges and smooth surfaces, ensuring a secure play experience. Crafted with durability in mind, this toy will withstand countless journeys and adventures.
  • Encouraging Growth Through Play: Beyond providing endless entertainment, our Wooden Car Carrier fosters crucial developmental skills. From hand-eye coordination to problem-solving, each interaction nurtures a child's cognitive and physical growth.
Bring a touch of natural wonder into your child's playtime with our Wooden Toy Car Carrier. Created to spark imagination and built to withstand the rigors of play, it promises to be a cherished addition to any playroom.

Size: truck is 40 x 7.5 x 10cm Cars 7 x 3 x 4cm

Material: Wood with Child Safe Paint

Age: 2 +

We like this because: "it's 'wheely' good"

Weight: 1.45kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TK496-EV

Barcode: 6972633374602
Car Transporter
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Car Transporter Detail-Two
Car Transporter Detail-Three
Car Transporter Detail-Four
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Car Transporter

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