Craft Eye Mask Paint Decorate Kit

gives you everything you need to make 6 canvas half masks which you can decorate and paint.

Using the stencil mark the canvas, cut out your mask and decorate with metalic paint, sequins, ribbons and attach black ribbon to tie it on.

Canvas cloth for making 6 masks bases
Mask stencil: 1
Ribbons in assorted colours
Sequins: 3 colours
Metallic fabric paint: 2 colours
Glitter glue: 2 colours
Fabric glue: 1
Paint brush: 1; Lace: 1
Black Ribbon for tying the masks
Instruction manual

Size: box is 23cm x 5cm x 20cm

Material: Canvas, paint, sequins, glue, paintbrush.

Age: 8 years +

We like this because: "Can make really effective and quite complicated designs."
Weight: 0.61kg

Brand: Toy Kraft

Model: TK39499

Barcode: 8906022394993

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Craft Eye Mask Paint Decorate Kit
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Craft Eye Mask Paint Decorate Kit

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