Craft Glass Painting & Candle Making
Craft Glass Painting & Candle Making Detail
Craft Glass Painting & Candle Making this kit contains all you need to make 3 decorative painted glass candle holders and the candles which go inside them.

The glass candle holder is painted with glass paint, and the painted tumblers are then filled with wicks and molten wax to complete the art activity.

Glass tumblers: 3
Candle wax flakes: 1
Sachet Wicks: 5
Glass Paints: 3 colours
Brush: 1
Glass 3-D Outliner tube: 1
Instruction manual

Size: box is 22cm x 8cm x 22cm

Material: Glass, paint, wax,.

Age: 8 years +

We like this because: "lovely translucent effect when candle is lit."
Weight: 0.81kg

Brand: Toy Kraft

Model: TK39479

Barcode: 8906022394795
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