Craft Mould & Paint Cup Cakes

is a yummy creative toy which enables you to mould and paint 6 x delicious little cakes.

Just choose your moulds and fill with Plaster of Paris let them set. When dry take them from the moulds and paint them in whatever tasty ways you want.

Moulds: 12
Tempera paints: 6 colours
Plaster of Paris: 1 packet
Blunt-edged knife: 1
Adhesive: 1
Paint brush: 1
Instruction manual

Size: box is 20cm x 7.5cm x 19cm

Material: Plaster, Paint.

Age: 5 years +

We like this because: "Easy to make some very realistic looking cakes."
Weight: 0.81kg

Brand: Toy Kraft

Model: TK39566

Barcode: 8906022395662

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Craft Mould & Paint Cup Cakes
Craft Mould & Paint Cup Cakes Detail

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Craft Mould & Paint Cup Cakes

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