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Dig Discover Dinosaurs
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Dig Discover Dinosaurs is a digging and excavation kit where you are a paleontologist uncovering and studying the fossilized remains of dinosaurs This set contains...
  • plaster block
  • magnifying glass
  • digging tool
  • dusting tool
  • information booklet
You dig away at the plaster block and uncover the fossilized remains of a dinosaur. You then use the information booklet to identify what you have discovered and learn about dinosaurs and the time they roamed the earth. This is a fascinating toy and a really active hands on adventure. This dinosaur excavation set comes beautifully presented in a cardboard box which opens and looks like an old book. This set meets or exceeds all Australian toy safety ratings.

Size: box is 24cm x 4cm x 16cm

Material: Plaster, plastic

Age: 5 years +

We like this because: "Lots to do. A very well designed kit, ideal present."

Weight: 0.40kg

Brand: Kaper Kidz

Model: DD089

Barcode: 6901382011667
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What a great gift this was for my grandson. He was highly amused and entertained. His creativity was engaged and ...

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