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Doctor Tin Suitcase Nursing Set

This is very cool. Lots of bandaging going on at our house.

Rated by Nicole Stone

This is a great role play toy. My son loves to take care of his toys with it. The most popular thing are the little blue pills.

Rated by Michelle Harten

My girls LOVE this Doctors Tin Nursing Set. From bringing healing to their teddies, to writing prescriptions for Daddy's sore toe, the items in this kit are in constant use and are a source of great entertainment for many a creative game. It's a toy that keeps on giving - and comes in such a gorgeous tin! It rates 10 out of 10 at our place!

Rated by Teresa Barker

This is a clever wooden alternative to all those less enduring plastic doctor kits. My children love playing doctors, a game that gets their imaginations going and encourages kindness and caring interactive play!

Rated by Jett Robertson

Great for young childern to imitate at home after being to the Doctors themselves... Brings confidence to them!

Rated by Belinda Golding

My daughter and her friend spend hours playing with this set! It is a great little set for hours of imaginative play!

Rated by Danielle Kelly

This is very cute and small sized role play toy. My child favourite item it is now!

Rated by Kyoung Joo Kim

My 3 year old loves this set - and I love the quality of it, and the fact that it's not plastic!

Rated by Lauren Pant

Great portable set! Well made and inspires lots of play

Rated by Mandy Gambino

Great quality, good size for little hands, natural material (wood). My 4 year old enjoyes it immensely. Highly recommend it

Rated by Larissa Dulat

little kids to use their imagination. Role play is very important in childhood and this set opens up the world of discovery

Rated by Carrie McCallum

Great little doctors play set. Has everything you need. Should make doctor visits a lot easier :)

Rated by Carlee Crisp

The Dr tins I ordered arrived very quickly. My two year loves playing with his new toy.

Rated by Lucy Geraghty

I bought the doctor tin set for my almost 3 yr old who loves dressing up and pretend play. We had bought plastic sets before which never lasted long, but the wooden set is great quality and has been used lots already

Rated by Sarah McLean
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