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Educational Fraction Wooden Puzzle

I love this fraction puzzle. It shows fractions so clearly and you can compare different fractions easily. It is well made and has lasted well. The wood is nice and smooth.

Rated by Ashley Dell

This is a great colourful and very visual and tactile resource for teaching fractions. It is especially helpful as it has a whole circle which makes it easy to compare. Easy for little hands to manipulate, and doubles as a colour sorter as well.

Rated by Lynda NICOL

Love this fraction puzzle. My daughter finds it fun and easy to use. Its colourful and makes learning fractions simple

Rated by Carla Guerra

This is a durable resource that will help my son to visualise fractions. Colourful and good quality,thanks.

Rated by Clare Henry

Great little toy. The boy I gave this to as a gift is 5 and he loved it immediately.

Rated by Trudy Bolton

Educational Fraction Wooden Puzzle, seeing things and feeling them make it so much easier to visualize what fractions are.

Rated by Val Waylen

Perfect for letting our son discover fractions

Rated by Mark Lampard

Really easy way to show fractions. Our son was excited by the colours and just enjoyed doing it so talking to him about it was easy he even asked questions.

Rated by Lisa Lock

This is a very well thought out and well made fraction puzzle. I think it will be a great motivator for young ones, learning to understand fractions. Very well priced, too, which is always a bonus.

Rated by Marie McKeon

This is a good set for kids to learn about fractions. It is nice to have a visual and be able to play with them, even my 3 year old loves it.

Rated by Melanie Johnston

My grandchildren will have lots of fun.

Rated by Robyn Drake

I bought this for my classroom, great resource. I plan to buy it again as a present.

Rated by Natalie Pescud

Hoping this will help my son see fractions in a different light. Amazing service and delivery. Can’t wait to give it to him. Educational too.

Rated by Sharna Hodgskin

This puzzle is awesome. Each circle is a slightly different size so the pieces fit in certain places. Master 2 year old is getting it sorted.

Rated by Kathy Hayes
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