Finger Puppets Three Little Pigs
Finger Puppets Three Little Pigs are five sweet finger puppets including three pigs a wolf and a finger puppet house.

These puppets have wooden heads and very well made clothes.

Each pig has a different coloured overall red, green and blue.

The house is made from material and the wolf is a lovely grey and white with nice painted teeth.

This set also comes with 3 bedtime stories printed on a simple pamphlet.

Size: 12cm high x 7cm wide from hand to hand

Material: Wood with Child Safe Paint. Felt, Cotton.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "Lovely way to tell the story of the Three Little Pigs."

Weight: 0.47kg

Brand: Fun Factory

Model: YDZ9094-P

Barcode: 6934539909470

Excellent product. Quick delivery ...

Rated by Paddy Newton

These are super cute! My preschoolers love them! ...

Rated by Natalie Shephard

Average user rating 4/5
based on 5 ratings.

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Finger Puppets Three Little Pigs
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