6 Wooden Flip Over Spinning Tops

An enchanting twist on traditional spinning toys. Crafted from sturdy wood, these tops initially appear ordinary but hold a delightful secret. Once set into motion, they perform a mesmerizing feat, flipping themselves over and continuing to spin on their spindle with a touch of magic. While mastering the technique may require a bit of practice, the payoff is truly captivating. Ideal for honing fine motor skills and igniting curiosity in the physics behind their fascinating motion, these charming tops offer endless entertainment for all ages.

Size: 3.2cm diameter 4cm high.

Material: Wood with Child Safe Paint

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "Such a clever little toy."

Weight: 0.05kg

Brand: Kaper Kidz

Model: NG23801-R6

Barcode: 9354963006946
6 Flip Over Spinning Tops
6 Flip Over Spinning Tops Detail
6 Flip Over Spinning Tops Detail-Two
Pencil Spinning Top
Spinning Top Set of Four
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6 Flip Over Spinning Tops

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