Gyroscope Traditional Toy Tedco
Gyroscope Traditional Toy by Tedco is a classic educational toy which has entertained and taught for many generations.

This Gyroscope comes with a plastic base string and full instructions and suggestions.

Once you have a gyroscope spinning it can balance easily on the point of a pencil, edge of a glass and even on a pice of thin string.

This is a truly fascinating toy and finds its way into our shop because I simply love them!

Size: 10 cm high 7.5cm diameter.

Material: Metal Gyroscope, Nylon thread, Plastic Base.

Age: 3+ but recommended for older children.

We like this because: "Does so many interesting tricks."
Weight: 0.14kg

Brand: Tedco

Model: TE00006

Barcode: 43067000064

I purchased this for my nephew whose 5.5yrs old. He's into all things science and machines but this blew his ...

Rated by Emma Sellen

Good to find stocking fillers for the slightly older kids ...

Rated by Pamela Scurlock
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