Gyroscope Traditional Toy Tedco
Gyroscope Traditional Toy by Tedco is a classic educational toy which has entertained and taught for many generations.

This Gyroscope comes with a plastic base string and full instructions and suggestions.

Once you have a gyroscope spinning it can balance easily on the point of a pencil, edge of a glass and even on a pice of thin string.

This is a truly fascinating toy and finds its way into our shop because I simply love them!

Size: 10 cm high 7.5cm diameter.

Material: Metal Gyroscope, Nylon thread, Plastic Base.

Age: 3+ but recommended for older children.

We like this because: "Does so many interesting tricks."
Weight: 0.14kg

Brand: Tedco

Model: TE00006

Barcode: 43067000064

Good to find stocking fillers for the slightly older kids ...

Rated by Pamela Scurlock

I purchased this for my nephew whose 5.5yrs old. He's into all things science and machines but this blew his ...

Rated by Emma Sellen

Average user rating 5/5
based on 2 ratings.

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