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Insect Inspection Cage Wooden

I bought this as a gift for a little boy starting school as I thought it would be great for his 'show and tell' days. It's really nice quality and looks great. It also works and I was sent a proud photo of the first bug he caught.

Rated by Michelle Harten

My little girl loves this little bug box. She recently placed a caterpillar inside and watched it change into a little silver moth which she let go into the night.

Rated by Claire Sleeman

These wooden bug catchers are great. They allow the children to observe the insects they have caught so easily and are also so easy for the children to use. They really encourage the children to engage with nature.

Rated by Carolyn Symonds

This box is really cute, my daughter loves its. It's a great size with beautiful artwork. She had a gecko in it only last night.

Rated by Bronwyn Tiley

Lovely little design, nice and lightweight too which made it easy to send out to my bug-loving nephew in far West Queensland!

Rated by Jessica Lim

This was such a hit with the kids, fantastic for little hands and that they can inspect the insect from the side mesh up nice and close without disturbing it!

Rated by Genevieve Binnie

Gorgeous little insect cage, cute design

Rated by Tabitha Bray

Beautiful insect cage, great for my two year old daughter who loves to catch beetles and inspect them in her cage.

Rated by Kirsten Podlich

I would highly recommend My Wooden Toys not only because they supply quality long lasting toys but the service was very professional and shipped very quickly to my granddaughter. Easy to navigate web site Thank you. Vikki Seekamp

Rated by vikki seekamp

Too cute! An absolute recommendation.

Rated by Wendy van Duivenvoorde

I'm very pleased with my purchases, and will be buying more toys in the future for my grandchildren

Rated by Jeanette Chapman

Not a bad toy. Well made and will be great once we get a bug in there. There is only one little round hole at the end to get the bug in through, which will make it difficult with some critters and also emptying the box if we put leaves, sticks etc inside. Otherwise, well made and sturdy.

Rated by Aaron Watts
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