Jacobs Ladder Craft Set

consists of 2 wooden jacobs ladder illusion toys and 12 Jarmelo BabyRoo washable marker pens in a pot. The 2 Jacobs ladders are unpainted plain wood with the life-cycle of a frog on one and a chicken on the other. which can be decorated as you please.
When the Jacobs ladder is operated and cascades down you see the life-cycle magically flip and flop past.

The pot of Jarmelo BabyRoo washable marker pens are made from washable ink that easily wipes off skin and clothes and painted walls. The pen tops are designed with breathing holes so if they are swallowed they will not block the trachea. (please don't test this)

Size: Tub of pens is 7 x 7x 15.5cm

Material: Wood, plastic pens, cardboard storage tub.

Age: 3 upwards

We like this because: "Great combination of illusion, creativity and biology"

Weight: 0.60kg

Brand: Jar Melo


Barcode: 9354963003839
Jacobs Ladder Craft Set
Jacobs Ladder Craft Set Detail
Jacobs Ladder Craft Set Detail-Two
Jacobs Ladder Craft Set Detail-Three
Jacobs Ladder
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Jacobs Ladder Craft Set

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