Joke Whoopie Cushion
Whoopie Cushion is a classic toy which needs no introduction. Blow it up get someone to sit on it and watch the fun.

It is an old favourite novelty joke which has been around for generations.

It never ceases to make people laugh and as far as children (and some adults) are concerned the joke never gets old.

All you do is blow it up and place it under a cushion then when a person sits down it emits a wonderfully flatulent sound.

This Whoopee Cushion has a line drawing of a well to do lady sitting down.

It has the classic tag line printed on it. " When anyone sits down it emits a Real Bronx cheer"

Size: Diameter is 21cm.

Material: Rubber

Age: 3+

We like this because: "An old favorite."

Weight: 0.04kg

Brand: TNW

Model: MA-750

Barcode: 9319374002635

What little boy wouldn't love this! Makes them laught everytime, an oldie but a goodie. This was a stocking filler ...

Rated by Sonja Topping

Brilliant is all I can say, many many laughs ...

Rated by Patricia Beales

Average user rating 5/5
based on 3 ratings.

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