Ludo & Tic Tac Toe In a Tin Box

combines two classic games in a sturdy colourful tin box. The Ludo game comes as a series of puzzle pieces which need to be put together to form the board.
  • Rules
  • Each person rolls the dice and the highest number goes first... or the youngest player.
  • Each player moves their pieces in a clockwise direction by the number shown on the dice. If a player can't move any of their pieces the next person goes. If you throw a 6 you get a second turn.
  • You have to throw a 6 to move your piece from home onto the playing board. If you land on another persons piece that piece has to go back to the start.
  • If you land on your own colour then this makes a road block and no other piece can go past. Once a piece has been around the board it can go up the towards the centre following its own colour.
  • To land on the centre and park your piece you have to throw the exact number. The first person to have all 4 pieces in the centre wins.
Naughts and Crosses sometimes called Tic Tak Toe is played in the up turned tin lid with the added benefit of the lids sides keeping the pieces from falling on the floor.

Very well thought out this is a great travel game for everyone and a great way to help with counting.

Size: 15cm x 14.5cm x 5cm

Material: Wood ,Tin

Age: 1+ upwards

We like this because: "Simple design ideal for travelling."

Weight: 0.60kg

Brand: Kaper Kidz

Model: NG23104

Barcode: 6943738931045
Ludo Tic Tac Toe In Tin Box
Ludo Tic Tac Toe In Tin Box Detail
Ludo Tic Tac Toe In Tin Box Detail-Two
Ludo Tic Tac Toe In Tin Box Detail-Three

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Ludo Tic Tac Toe In Tin Box

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