Magic Moving Picture Book
Magic Moving Picture Book is a fascinating little book which can make the 7 animals on its pages appear to be moving.

To make the magic happen all you need is the special black and clear lined acetate overlay (provided in the book) to bring the images to life.

Slide the acetate over the image and the animal begins to run. Side it the other way and the animal runs backwards.

Moving images first appeared in the 19th century as simple optical devices such as the Thaumatrope and the Zoetrope. The process of displaying sequences of still images in rapid succession - to show apparent motion - is the basis of early film animation and motion pictures.

Size: 14cm x 10cm Open 28cm x 10cm

Material: Paper Acetate Sheet.

Age: 3+

We like this because: "wonderful illusion very magical."

Weight: 0.03kg

Brand: TNW

Model: BK085

Barcode: 9319374041610

If there was a spot for excellence I would give this to you. From date of order to delivery this was ...

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