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Magic Water Fun Park Colouring Pad
Magic Water Fun Park Colouring Pad Detail
Magic Water Fun Park Colouring Pad Detail-Two
Magic Water Fun Park Colouring Pad Detail-Three
Magic Water Fun Park Colouring Pad is a fascinating craft toy that will see a coloured image appear before your very eyes when a wet brush is applied to the pads surface. This little set has 4 re-usable pages on a spiral binder each with a different fun park theme. You simply fill up the included pen brush with a little water and gently rub the pads surface with the brush to make the image appear. As the page dries the image disappears so it can be used and reused a number of times. The included pen brush is ideal for small children as it eliminates the need for separate pots of water that can so easily be knocked over. To fill the pen brush you just unscrew it and fill it up, it couldn't be easier.

This is a really fun toy and watching the image appear as if by magic is fascinating. The fact that the pad can be used again and again is wonderful as small children enjoy repetition and learn a great deal from constantly repeating and uncovering the pictures.

Size: pad size is 14 x 2 x 23.5cm

Material: Paper, plastic water pen

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "I loved these when I was a kid."

Weight: 0.25kg

Brand: Jarmelo

Model: JA90527

Barcode: 5060462690527
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