Magnetic Mixup Aussie Animal Set

is a set of four Australian animals which all split into 3 pieces. The three pieces of each animal are held together magnetically so they can be pulled apart. The animals are...
  • platypus
  • crocodile
  • koala
  • kangaroo
Altogether there are 12 pieces that need to be sorted and put together to make each animal. This is a great way to learn animal names. Being able to anticipate what something should look like or think ahead to build the animals in the correct order, legs, body, head is an important part of learning development and these little animals help enormously. Just as important is being able to get the animals deliberately wrong. It is really fun to put the animals together in different ways and mix and match different bodies legs and heads so you can create some very crazy animals. This toy includes all four animals pictured.

Size: Animals stand 10cm tall

Material: Wood, Magnets Child-safe paint

Age: 2 years +

We like this because: "really fun creating mixed up animals."

Weight: 0.30kg

Brand: Koala Dream

Model: KD41003

Barcode: 6901383060763
Magnetic Mixup Aussie Animal Set
Magnetic Mixup Aussie Animal Set Detail
Magnetic Mixup Aussie Animal Set Detail-Two
Magnetic Mixup Aussie Animal Set Detail-Three

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based on 4 ratings.

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Magnetic Mixup Aussie Animal Set

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