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Magnetic Wooden Fishing Boat

Nice toy. Good Christmas present for my nephew.

Rated by Lauren Fitzgerald

This is a fantastic toy! Very easy to use, great quality and beautifully made.

Rated by Ashleigh Craig

All I can say is these toys are well made, beautifully presented, most of them are for my grandkids Christmas presents. I did give them the spinning tops to play with, they were fascinated with how the colors blend, and my daughter also liked the fact that they came with different colored discs.

Rated by Suzanne Holding

This is a beautifully made wooden toy. Fishing with magnets is fun!

Rated by Colleen McKellar

Fun little game with plenty of fish which I liked. I've thought about using it in the bath even. The magnet is good and the rod ergonomical so our son has also enjoyed going around the house and checking what other things it sticks to our things it can pick up.

Rated by Lisa Lock

Excellent service. Very impressive. Thank you.

Rated by Josie Prasad

The craft seems absolutely splendid and I'm sure many hours of joy and fun lies ahead of my grandkids and friends.

Rated by Trudie Ferreira
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