Match Animal with Skin Type Puzzle

is a set of 25 wooden tiles in a frame with animals printed on them. When each of these animal tiles is removed it reveals a close up image of the animals skin, fur, spines or feathers. This wooden puzzle gives another dimension to simple matching puzzles as this is not about identical matching, your child has to be able to understand the difference between a pattern from far away and close up and decide on the match from the information on the first image and make the link between the 2 (nice and tricky). Each animal has its name printed on the top image so this can also help with spelling. There is no name on the image underneath, we don't want to make it to easy. The patterns on the close up images are very beautiful and intricate and can also be a great impetus for art projects. Some of the animals and insects are...
  • Dragon Fly
  • Octopus
  • Bee
  • Sheep
  • Panda
  • Tortoise
  • Clown Fish (like Nemo)
  • Snake
This is a beautiful wooden puzzle and a great challenge to master. There is a lot to understand here and I am sure it will become a firm favourite. This wonderful puzzle meets or exceeds all Australian safety standards and is awesome.

Size: 29.5 x 29.5 x 1cm. Tile size is 5.3 x 5.3cm

Material: Wood child-safe paint.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "beautiful to look at and fascinating to play with."

Weight: 0.70kg

Brand: Kaper Kidz

Model: ET196

Barcode: 9354963000272
Match Animal with Skin Type Puzzle
Match Animal with Skin Type Puzzle Detail
Match Animal with Skin Type Puzzle Detail-Two
Match Animal with Skin Type Puzzle Detail-Three
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Match Animal with Skin Type Puzzle

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