Matching Expressions Wooden Game
Matching Expressions Wooden Game is a fantastic educational observation game.

The set consists of four wooden cards with six faces with different expressions on them. There are also 24 tiles which match exactly the expressions on the four wooden cards.

The idea is to match the expressions on the tiles with the expressions on the cards.

This game can be played in many different ways and can help small children explore how they are feeling.

This toy can be a very useful when a child has difficulty talking about how something makes them feel. The faces are of children of different races, hair and eye colours and are simple and engaging.

This game is presented in a strong box which has compartments and a sliding lid.

Size: Box is 22.5cm long x 5cm high x 20cm wide . Tiles are 5cm x 5cm

Material: Wood, Child-safe paint.

Age: 3+

We like this because: "Great game well presented in a sturdy box."

Weight: 1.00kg

Brand: Fun Factory

Model: 56289LBT

Barcode: 9002289562898

Game is a delight. My two to eight year olds love it. It is bright and easy to use for ...

Rated by Lyn Taminiau

This is a grate activity, the expressions on the faces are easily recognisable, the children play memory with them as ...

Rated by Diane Childs

Average user rating 5/5
based on 5 ratings.

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