Maths Sticks Puzzle Game

a wonderful wooden educational game borrowing from the concept of cuisenaire rods.

This wooden game has 36 magnetic wooden sticks of different sizes or values that children arrange onto cards to recreate images.

There are 12 sheets printed on both sides of different animals and complexity.

The wooden pieces range from 1 cm cubes to an eight cm length so it is interesting to look at how the 1cm pieces will fit eight times along the length of the 8cm pieces. This is where there is a similarity with cuisenaire rods.

The box containing the game is magnetic so the pieces are held in place as you build and match.

Size: cards are 20cm square. Magnetic wooden pieces from 1cm cubes to 8cm long.

Material: Wood, magnetic pieces, cardboard

Age: 3+ upwards

We like this because: "Fun STEM game and many different levels of learning."

Weight: 0.64kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TF488

Barcode: 6972633371229
Maths Sticks Puzzle Game
Maths Sticks Puzzle Game Detail
Maths Sticks Puzzle Game Detail-Two
Maths Sticks Puzzle Game Detail-Three
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Maths Sticks Puzzle Game

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