Mini Wooden Fidget Puzzle Multi-Colour
Mini Wooden Fidget Puzzle Multi-Colour is a little fun fiddly wooden toy made up of 18 x 1.3cm cubes all held together with a piece of elastic through their centres.

All the cubes have slots in them so the blocks can only be placed next to one another if the elastic can find a slot to sit in.

So you have to fiddle and twist to manipulate it into the shape you desire.

This is a cute little toy but very addictive and entertaining for its size.

Wonderful quiet toy for kids who need to fiddle.

Size: 23.5cm all extended.

Material: Wood Child-safe paint, Elastic

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "All sorts of fun shapes can be made."

Weight: 0.03kg

Brand: Fun Factory

Model: 50526

Barcode: 9002289505260

Great little toy to add to a Christmas stocking! Colourful, manoeuvrable and flexible! Good fun! ...

Rated by Carole Henderson

This toy is so much fun. My little guy is only one and he is already fascinated with it. I ...

Rated by Rachael Harm

Average user rating 4/5
based on 3 ratings.

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