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Mini Wooden Kitchen Playset

Gorgeous little kitchen.. Perfect to fit in a bedroom without taking up too much space. Wonderfully made and definite value for money with the inclusion of utensils and pan, etc

Rated by Fiona Findeis

Everything a young chef needs to cook! Knobs that turn and make noises, a clock, a tap, a sink, a big oven and all really compact so it doesn't take up lots of space! Really sturdy and nice to look at, my boys love it!

Rated by Jane Coleman

What joy this playset is, my granddaughter loves it. It is very sturdy.

Rated by Bev Edwards

A great wee set. Love wooden toys rather than plastic & appreciate having such a wide variety available that are of a durable quality still - very important with little ones! This set isn't huge and doesn't take over your whole lounge, it is small enough too to store away in a wardrobe or similar so it doesn't need to be out all the time.

Rated by Jessica McConnell
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