Mini Wooden Tangram Puzzle
Mini Wooden Tangram Puzzle is a colourful pocket sized version of a game which has been in existence for centuries. The puzzle is a square cut into seven shapes called "Tans" the idea is to try and make pictures with the 7 wooden shapes without leaving any out or overlapping them.

This little game comes in a wooden tray and has brightly coloured and patterned pieces. A simple look for Tangram on the internet will give you plenty of ideas for the many shapes you can make with this simple but surprisingly challenging little game.

Size: Tangram in a square is 11 cm by 11 cm.

Material: Wood, Child safe paint.

Age: 3+ Game for all ages.

We like this because: "Play with this for a bit and you will see why it has been around for so long."

Weight: 0.07kg

Brand: Kaper Kidz

Model: NG21220-24

Barcode: 6943738912204

This is a great puzzle for all ages. The bright colours and patterns are inviting for the younger children. It challenges the children's cognitive thinking while developing fine motor skills. ...

Rated by Crystal Mawhinney

Great to have sitting there for the occasional challenge for child and adult. Takes me back to my childhood! 8 year old grandson has almost mastered it. ...

Rated by Anne Mcbride

Handy, convenient size, affordable. ...

Rated by Maria Boyd

Delightful portable toy which my three year old granddaughter enjoyed solving in fifteen minutes. Then she showed grandma how to do it. Fun times! ...

Rated by jocelyn lowinger

A colourful and petite version of a classic toy. ...

Rated by Melanie Fentoullis

Perfect for little brains Our 3 and 4yr old grand girls love it. ...

Rated by Margaret Hayes

I love the quality of this toy and many other toys I have bought through your wonderful site. My 6 year old loves the challenge of making puzzles from it. I love that your site allows children get to experience toys that have entertained generations of kids throughout the years. Great quality of toys and wonderful service. Many thanks. Cheers Roslyn Storr. ...

Rated by Roslyn Storr

Cute puzzle. My 10yo is into puzzles and things so was glad to be able to order something from this site that still catered for older children. ...

Rated by Jessica McConnell

Sweet and simple, great birthday party gifts. I plan on printing some tangram pattern cards to complement and voila! ...

Rated by Sophie de Boisseson


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