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Mini Wooden Transformer

Great toy for in the handbag for outings that keeps busy hands focused. The price is reasonable & has looks that still appeal to the boys. I would recommend this product!

Rated by Tracey Liljegren

Love these little toys to carry around in my bag to amuse my grandchildren when they are out

Rated by Martha Griffiths

I bought this for my son for christmas. I couldn't help myself and had to open it to have a play. I couldn't figure how to turn it back into a car, so asked my partner to help. Two hours later, we are still playing with it and not sure if we should keep it as a fidget toy for ourselves or wrap it up for christmas. What a great toy!

Rated by Beth Elias

Another great stocking filler or small present Beautifully made

Rated by Jennifer Rhynehart

A great well made mini transformer; would love more of these and will buy more as my grandson loves it. Great toys with a difference on this site.

Rated by Jennifer Craig

My husband has claimed this for his own. I've found it all over the house.

Rated by Sheryn Murphy

I bought this for a four year old but realised it's a bit difficult to manipulate the parts and hard to make the vehicle. I'd recommend for a older child as a great toy for thinking and designing.

Rated by Alison Calderwood
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