Mosaic Mandala Educational Puzzle
Mosaic Mandala Educational Puzzle is a forty four piece brightly coloured puzzle with squares, triangles, diamonds and circles.

This puzzles shapes can be built up to make different things like a rockets, or houses or just pretty patterns.

Making colourful patterns is a lovely aspect of this puzzle. It is a lovely, contemplative, calm activity for your busy little one.

Trying to fit all the pieces back into the square base is a real challenge and kept our 5 year old busy for ages.

Beautiful, simple traditional puzzle toy that will keep your little one amused making wonderful, colourful patterns.

Size: 25cm x 25cm. Average piece is 4.5cm x 1cm x 1.5cm

Material: Wood, Child-safe paint.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "it is brightly coloured, a challenge and it is really fun making lovely patterns."

Weight: 0.44kg

Brand: Fun Factory

Model: ZY3038B

Barcode: 2913123105003

I love this style of toy. Bright and colourful for little ones to have fun with. It doesn't sit flush ...

Rated by Linda Coucom

Great customer service and product is exactly as discribed and of great quality. ...

Rated by Mirela Grasso

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Mosaic Mandala Educational Puzzle