Outdoor Wooden Dice Game

is a set of 5 big wooden dice to play a game of skill and chance where you have to be the first to get certain combinations of numbers to win, like 3 of a kind or a sequence of 5 numbers.

This set comes in a pull string canvas bag and each die is a 5.5cm cube of solid smooth pine wood. This lawn game comes with a score sheet pad of 97 sheets which includes a place to score a "Yatzee" which is all 5 dice of the same number. So you can play and keep track of your score

Size: Bag is 22cmhigh. Each die is 5.5cm cube. Pad is 15cm x 10cm x 97 sheets

Material: Wood with child-safe paint.

Age: 3 + upwards

We like this because: "Great counting game."

Weight: 0.60kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TH460

Barcode: 6972633372950
Outdoor Dice Game
Outdoor Dice Game Detail
Outdoor Dice Game Detail-Two
Outdoor Dice Game Detail-Three
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Outdoor Dice Game

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