Outdoor Wooden Ring Toss Game

is a traditional game where you try to accurately throw a circle of rope around an upright pole to gain points. This lovely wooden version is designed in a cross with five uprights and 10 rope rings with red and blue coloured wooden tags.

This lawn game also has an additional 10 plastic rings if the rope ones are a bit to tricky for very young players. This is a very solid game which can be played outdoors or carefully indoors.

The rope rings (quoits) in this set are made with natural chunky brown rope. This set come with a smart zip up bag and a scoring pad of approx 100 pages.

Size: Cross pieces are 48cm long. Uprights are 15.5cm. Quoit diameter 12cm

Material: Wood, Child-safe paint, Rope, plastic rings

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "Great version of this classic game."

Weight: 1.00kg

Brand: Tooky Toy

Model: TH986

Barcode: 6972633372998
Outdoor Ring Toss Game
Outdoor Ring Toss Game Detail
Outdoor Ring Toss Game Detail-Two
Outdoor Ring Toss Game Detail-Three

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Outdoor Ring Toss Game

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