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Patchwork Soft Baby Ball
Patchwork Soft Baby Ball Detail
Patchwork Soft Baby Ball Detail-Two
Patchwork Soft Baby Ball is a beautifully soft and colourful material ball.

This soft patchwork ball has a lovely subtle jingling ring when shaken or moved.

This toy is wonderful to hold, roll, squeeze or throw and a great way to learn to catch.

Made of safe tested materials and stuffing this is a lovely safe toy.

Size: 12cm diameter

Material: Plush, cotton.

Age: 0+ upwards

We like this because: "Simple and classic with a lovely gentle bell."

Weight: 0.20kg

Brand: Top Bright

Model: BTAG1007

Barcode: 6939838137524

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Great toy for a young child! Being soft, it helps to avoid accidents and breakages when used indoors! ...

Rated by Carole Henderson

Just arrived and is a gorgeous colourful toy for little hands! Can't wait until Christmas to give it to my ...

Rated by Leigh McPhail

Average user rating 5/5
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