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Pirate Dolls Wooden
Pirate Dolls Wooden Detail
Pirate Dolls Wooden Detail-Two
Pirate Dolls Wooden Detail-Three
Pirate Dolls Grab your eye patch here are a wonderful set of six wooden Pirate dolls

Each doll has stiffened rope arms and legs which are very flexible and easy to bend

Nice big feet mean they stand up easily.

These six pirates all have their own personality and will add hugely to any role playing games.

They are the perfect crew to add to one of our pirate ships.

Size: Biggest Doll stands 13cm high

Material: Wood with cotton clothing.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "A great addition to any adventure on the high seas."

Weight: 0.34kg

Brand: Fun Factory

Model: 57215

Barcode: 6934510572150

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This is a brilliant set of pirate dolls. They are gorgeous and well made and have stood up well to ...

Rated by Ashley Dell

My grandson has played non stop today since he opened the box of pirate dolls. He has given them all ...

Rated by jocelyn lowinger

Average user rating 4/5
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