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Pirate Tin Suitcase Adventure Set

Wonderful addition to the dress up box. The gold treasure has been hidden and defended for hours with the dangerous dagger! The compass has been used to find literally everything and leads to many scientific questions about the earth. Simple items to stimulate the imagination!!

Rated by Tracey Liljegren

Beautiful Adventure pirate set in a cute little tin suitcase! My little one is still too small but I can't wait till I can give this to him to play with! The compass and coin pouch are just perfectly made.

Rated by Lorena Dall

Great for imaginative play

Rated by Mark Lampard

I bought this as it is so different to most toys. Cute case and wooden compass

Rated by Rebecca Kilfoyle

A fantastic gift for a 3 year old boy, nice compact little tin which will be easy to pack and take in the car and take on holidays. Hours of fun looking for pirate treasure and having fun playing pirates

Rated by Nikki Lewis
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