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Wooden Train Whistle
Wooden Train Whistle is a lovely solid toy train whistle with a gentle four tone sound.

This toy whistle makes a long toot toot noise like a train whistling in the distance.

This is a solid wooden whistle with an instantly recognizable sound.

A great little musical toy which won't drive you nuts.

Size: 19cm long x 3.5cm wide.

Material: Wood

Age: 3+

We like this because: "A wonderful sound ... All Aboard"

Weight: 0.18kg

Brand: Fun Factory

Model: XW9625

This whistle is amazing! Sounds just like a real train. Great quality and a very reasonable price. A must for ...

Rated by Natasha Grant

Since receiving his train whistle my 2 year old has spent hours driving his card cardboard box train from lounge ...

Rated by Kerin Pollock

This is awesome- a lovely smooth soft train noise which is great when you have two little boys blowing constantly ...

Rated by Jan Coventry

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