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Wooden Train Whistle

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This whistle is amazing! Sounds just like a real train. Great quality and a very reasonable price. A must for any little or big conductor.

Rated by Natasha Grant

Kids have yet to get the hang of it so they keep shoving it in my face to make the noise. Sounds exactly like the trains in Thomas and friends, which is their favourite program at the mo.

Rated by Krystal Klaver

The whistle is true to the sound of a steam train. My grandkids love it and play with it when we get the train track out. Very well made.

Rated by Wendy Fraser

Since receiving his train whistle my 2 year old has spent hours driving his card cardboard box train from lounge station to kitchen station via bedroom station. He's enjoyed it so much I got to read a book!

Rated by Kerin Pollock

This is awesome- a lovely smooth soft train noise which is great when you have two little boys blowing constantly .... Even the big boys like to have a turn.

Rated by Jan Coventry

I bought the wooden train whistle as a gift for my nephew. It is very sturdy and a great size for little hands. Makes a lovely sound. I may have to purchase these again for my own children.

Rated by Jessica Keogh

Love the sound this whistle makes. Not an annoying loud sound. My 2 year old son who is a Thomas the Tank Engine fan and 7 year old daughter love it.

Rated by Bronwyn Tiley

My son loved this toy - it makes a beautiful whistle just like a train. Simple but lovely.

Rated by Elizabeth Siebert

I bought this for my nephew who had oral delays from birth (feeding, talking etc) and needs to learn how to blow. Great incentive for him, he loves the beautiful sound it makes and it's not an annoying noise for his parents. Win, win!

Rated by Emma Sellen

This is the coolest toy! The sound is so authentic and nice to listen to. Perfect for playing when the toy trains are out.

Rated by Renee D'Herville

It really sounds like a train! Easy for little people to get a good sound out of too - highly recommended

Rated by Ellen Vernon

They sound like real trains, very good

Rated by Catherine Lesslie

Authentic sound, whistle has no little bits that could be dangerous for small children. Ideal for parties.

Rated by Ann Shackleton
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