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Jacobs Ladder Wooden Illusion Toy

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This is a great small present. Kids are always fascinated as to how this works. They keep coming back to play with it again and again.

Rated by Narelle Elliott

we had this as children.. had forgotten it. Great mind teaser.

Rated by Helen Brown

It’s over a week since Christmas and our 3 and 5 year old boys haven’t let up with playing with this hardy and versatile toy. They keep coming back to it and are using it so creatively, devising new “tricks” and patterns and uses - together and separately. They have been putting on little “shows” to share their delight with us all. Before Christmas they borrowed one from a friend and shared it between them. This little toy has been a hit. I know, it’s small, simple and inexpensive - but it has a long history... and a mysterious aspect which all of the family has enjoyed -

Rated by Allison Stewart

Kids loved this recommended

Rated by Beth Gomes

I love these and haven't seen them since I was little.

Rated by Petula Jacobs

Fun to fiddle with and amuse the garndchildren

Rated by Martha Griffiths

I have one of these at the kindergarten where I work and it is very popular with the children. They are fascinated with the way it works. I bought another one to give as a present for a special young person in my family.

Rated by Donna Barber

I received my box of toys within a few days of ordering them which was great. All of the toys I ordered are fantastic. My son is constantly playing with his space puzzle and I even play with the wooden illusion toy. Will definitely be buying more toys from here for my son and as gifts.

Rated by Renee Clarke

A consistently great item have bought it a few times over the years as gifts fir kids.

Rated by monique stein

This is a beautiful ,magical toy that will inspire the curiosity of my young 3 year old twin nephews(I purchased one for each of them!)

Rated by Robyn Taylor

Works well and feels nice in the hands.

Rated by Violette Grosse-Gare

This is blowing all our minds.

Rated by Sheryn Murphy
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