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Wooden Lock Activity Box

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An excellent toy. Beautifully made but as yet to be tested by my grandson and daughter. Delivery was swift, all questions answered promptly - an excellent product and company it would seem. I look forward to more purchases in the future.

Rated by Barbara Cain

good morning . My grandson has really enjoyed the challenge of the locking box . There is enough activities to keep him occupied and not get bored.. I am impressed with the quality of the material used and the sturdiness of the box.. the prompt delivery and service is an added bonus . Keep up the good work .

Rated by Bronwyn wilson

So happy with this toy , it's well made and sturdy . Also it will be great for developing fine coordination .

Rated by Jane Robson

We purchased a variety of toys from my wooden toys for our 14 month old son for Christmas, we are so happy with the high quality material and craftsmanship. Our son expecially likes the lock box we got for him he opens all the different locks and puts stuff in the hidden compartments then locks them back up again.

Rated by Michelle Beasley

Both these toys proved to be outstanding successes for my three-year-old grandson when he received them on Christmas Day. I plan to get more toys from Wooden Toys for him in the future.

Rated by Lindsay Mackerras

This toy was chosen by my son for their 1 year old daughter for her birthday (29 Dec). She's highly inquisitive and likes to concentrate on small things. She's completely enthralled with this box and has worked out how to open 3 of the locks on it already - and she's only had it for a couple of days. It's solid, tactile and completely functional for Mayla. We're now checking the site looking at toys for her for further into the new year.

Rated by Lesley Wheeler

Fantastic toy! Very high quality. Perfect for developing fine motor skills.

Rated by Lisa Higson

I got this for my 3.5 year old and he absolutely loves it. It is excellent quality and ideal for building fine motor skills. Lots of things to do and hidey holes for small toys. My 22 month old also loves it and will play with it for ages.

Rated by Lianne Penfold

I am delighted with my recent purchase of the wooden toy lock box which I bought for my grandson's second birthday in June 2018. It is very well made and will provide him with lots of challenges! he loves opening and closing things and hiding his little toys in lots of different places. I have do doubt that he will thoroughly enough his lock box when he gets it! As will his older sister who will need to check it out!!!!

Rated by Carole Henderson

My two year old loves it. Mostly cos it has 3 little compartments to hide small toys in and then discover again when you close the doors, and then open them, and then close them, and then open them... you get the idea. Still a few doors that are more complicated and yet to be figured out by the little one so I see it having good longevity as a toy. First time it was seen it was played with for 2 hours!

Rated by Erica Dubern

This is the perfect toy for my inquisitive 2 year old grandson. He loves opening and closing all the different locks and 'hides' things inside to 'trick' his grandparents. ;)

Rated by Julie Dignam

I was super happy with my purchase. Communication was great and delivery to NZ very fast. The box is fab and I can't wait to see our Grandson playing with it. He loves hooks and clasps, so will get lots of fun out of all the locks.

Rated by Julie Hesketh

Grandson will enjoy the challenge of this toy. Speedy delivery

Rated by Beth Stephenson

It was great service, the toy arrived quickly and very well packed for protection. It is an awesome lock box and I can't wait for my grandson to open it on Christmas day. Thankyou.

Rated by Kathy Hayes
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