Spin It Retro Board Game
Spin It Retro Board Game is a traditional game in an old fashioned box with pictures of children playing on the front.

This game comes with four little wooden spinning tops.

The idea is to select a top and spin it either at the same time as other players or one by one.

You then see which hole your top ends up in and how many points you won.

The winner is the person to get to 500 (or whatever number you decide) first

A well made game in a very nostalgic retro box and lots of fun.

Size: Box size 28cm x 19cm x 3cm. Little tops have a 2cm diameter.

Material: Heavy Duty Cardboard, Wooden Tops, Child-safe paint

Age: 4 +

We like this because: "Very addictive game"

Weight: 0.50kg

Brand: Knox and Floyd

Model: KF3342

Barcode: 6945235333421
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