Spinning Gear Puzzle Board
Spinning Gear Puzzle Board Detail
Spinning Gear Puzzle Board is a beautifully colourful puzzle made up of cogs which lock together and can all be turned at once using the handle on one of the gear pieces.

Each cog has a specific place on the board which is outlined so it is not to tricky or frustrating.

To get all the cogs to turn all the pieces must be in the right place. So as your child plays with the puzzle they learn by trial and error.

A fantastic learning toy which is great fun.

Size: 30cm x 30cm

Material: Wood with Child safe paint.

Age: 3 +

We like this because: "Brilliant cause and effect toy."

Weight: 1.50kg

Brand: Viga Toys

Model: 59854VG

Barcode: 6934510598549

Average user rating 5/5
based on 13 ratings.


Great education toy with hours of entertainment. ...

Rated by Astrid Glenister

My order fur spinning gears was great. Service wonderful, quick delivery and my grandson loves them. Would but from wooden ...

Rated by Lynne Penfold

The Spinning Gear Puzzle was an absolute hit with my granddaughter. ...

Rated by Dymphia Cohen
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