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Springing Wooden Pop Up Toy

My son's favourite first Birthday present! He laughs everytime they pop and has already learnt how to pop them himself. Very simple fun and lovely quality. Proud to have this toy in our living area :-) Thank you My Wooden Toys. Renee and Uli

Rated by Renee D'Herville

My 13 month old twins love this toy. My only mistake was only purchasing one as they tend to fight over it. It didn't take them long to work out how to put the pegs back into the holes not to push them down for them to spring up. Another delightful toy.

Rated by Sharon Livesey

I can't wait to give this to my little granddaughter and have a game with her. I can see hours of fun and giggles ahead. It is really well made and perfect for little hands.

Rated by Kerry Behrend

My 2 year old twins absolutely love it and giggle their heads off when the little people pop up

Rated by Melanie Trott

Lovely well made toy, helps my son with his development and he just loves it.

Rated by Faye Dickinson

This is my sons favourite toy. It looks so simple yet using his imagination the games are endless with these colours and faces.

Rated by Fiona Cope

My 9month old has loved playing with the Spring wooden pop up toy. She loves watching as the pegs get pushed down and spring back up.

Rated by Sarah McLean

This was a present purchase for a 1st birthday. My boy got given one of these before he turned 1 and loved it by then, so we hope this toy is just as loved.

Rated by Teodora Vasov

My 12 month old son loves putting the rods in the holes and bouncing them out. It is a great distraction for when we are trying to feed him!

Rated by Suzanne Weston

The Springing Wooden Pop-up Toy was the best choice for a present I could have ever made for my grandchildren. 13 month old Liam had great fun trying to catch the pegs as Robbie (his dad) popped each one towards him. His giggling soon had everyone else laughing, too. His brother, 3 year old Isaiah, was more concerned about matching the colours so the pegs went back into the right holes. 17 month old Sebastian was intrigued by the way it worked, as well as being highly amused when Chris (his dad) couldn't catch the flying pegs. His 3 1/2 year old sister, Natasha, loved helping by putting the pegs back the right way up. I feel as though I am missing out on all the fun - they took their sets home with them! I am thinking about buying one more set, to keep at my place for when I babysit, so I can practice catching pegs before the kids arrive. Definitely one for all ages.

Rated by Carolyn Cannings

Hours of fun trying to catch these little rascals

Rated by Lois Lee

I bought this for a friend's 18 month old and she loves it. She is thoroughly entertained by the springing action and bright colours. It is sturdy and compact - it even traveled to Fiji on the family holiday!

Rated by Jacqui Sumner

Awesome Toy! My 7 month old loves it and its such great value.

Rated by Belinda Cook

My little guy loves this toy. He is one and he has the biggest smile when we play with this. At the moment his favourite thing to do it to collect all the people pegs and crawl away with them. His Daddy on the other hand likes it when I hold the base and make the people spring out so he can catch them. Fun for all ages

Rated by Rachael Harm
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